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From Texts to Graph

About Storyfinder

Personalized Knowledge Base Construction and
Management by Browsing the Web

The web with its sheer unmeasurable speed of broadcasting new data and its vast quantity of available knowledge is the first choice for information seekers. It is a user’s privilege to read or skim a webpage or bookmark it for later reference. Considering that the human memory can be deceptive, it also is a user's obligation to keep information ordered and easily accessible for later reference.

Storyfinder is an application that includes a browser plugin and a server backend in order to identify and manage the information found in a web page. It highlights named entities and keywords in a currently visited webpage and provides an additional graph view of them. You can edit the nodes and edges, combine web page graph views and search for entities and relations.

Stroryfinder keeps the information you extracted found in webpages managed and provides alternative views of data for easy access.

Install plugin for Chrome

  • Download and install the latest Google Chrome Browser Application
  • Install the latest Storyfinder Extension from the Chrome Web Store
  • Right click the Storyfinder icon in the top right corner and select 'Options'
  • Enter a valid Storyfinder server address in the Storyfinder options menu and save it
  • Create a user and log in to the Storyfinder server
  • Left click the Storyfinder icon in order to use the Storyfinder plugin
    • Activate and deactivate entity highlighting in web pages
    • Parse the current article (manually)
    • Toggle the graph view of the current article in a side pane. This will also enable automatic parsing of articles
    • Switch to a readability view of the current article

The Chrome plugin is licensed under the Apache Version 2 License.

Set up your own Server

Run server stack with Docker and Docker-Compose:
  • Download the latest docker-compose.yml file here.
  • Run   'docker-compose -f <filename> -p storyfinder up'   and wait until the server stack is started. (Note: internet connection is required in order to download resources. Data directories for images and database will be created in the current directory.)
  • You can now access the Storyfinder web page at http://localhost:3055
  • Type   'docker-compose -f <filename> -p storyfinder down'   to stop the server stack

The webserver is licensed under the Apache Version 2 License.


Guidelines are under construction

Source Code is available here.



How to cite:

Steffen Remus, Manuel Kaufmann, Kathrin Ballweg, Tatiana von Landesberger, and Chris Biemann. 2017. Storyfinder: Personalized Knowledge Base Construction and Management by Browsing the Web. In Proceedings of the 26th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. Singapore, Singapore. pp. 2519-2522. (pre-print pdf, bibtex)

Based on:

Manuel Kaufmann. 2016. Storyfinder: Graphen zur Verbesserung des Textverstandnisses auf Webseiten. Master’s thesis, Technische Universität, Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany. (pdf)